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Mon, Jul. 4th, 2005, 01:54 pm
please no more chicken

saturday night:
-free new gregory douglass pre-release cd, still need to listen
-pre-gaming the show
-Mike Doughty show (singer and guitarist for soul coughing) with wendy, wil and others last night
-trying to get Mike Doughty to play "Freedom of Choice" by Devo
-getting brian to start grinding with the hippy girl who was "losing it to the music, man"
-very large woman beside us who wouldnt shut up the whole show, but i secretly love her, she looked awesome
-playing oldschool Nintendo games for shots
-waking up to freshly made strawberry pancakes, wil is such a good little housewife.

last night:
-hanging out with jeremy and little patricko (pat you need to be in burlington more or run away with me to sarasota, fuck cambridge)
-guitar and singing on the andrea's front porch
-jamie, holden, and jeremy making up songs that are better than most of the music out there. (fuck them and their talent)
-one ugly drunk guy getting way too into the music and taking off his shirt, not funny
-drunken frat guys wandering onto the porch to listen to us and request good music (sublime is NOT good music and you can't fucking play rap on an accoustic guitar)
-schizophrenic, drunk, 40-year old, horny, asian man with broken english telling us all about hungry sharks, hot roosters, fajita chicken, mermaids, me shorting a torpedo into andrea, and other awesome sexual code he uses in FL. at this point almost all of the girls leave because of creep factor. andrea is a trooper.
-faggot, please.
-jeremy really never does shut up, but we need to hang out more.

to do:
-beat the shit out of jeremy for not opening for MSI like he was supposed to (we both still can't believe their manager passed on opening for that show)
-get a new ID so i stop having problems with drinking at shows
-relax on my first day off in weeks
-hang out with my girl (micaela come down here and visit me)

good weekend

Thu, Jul. 14th, 2005 08:56 pm (UTC)


i was gonna say "I HATE YOU for being able to LIVE WITHOUT ME!" but then i read the last bit...

now im gonna say "I HATE YOU for loving me so... and not being here."

i miss my baby.